How to send winrate and pv to CGOS.

To send winrate and pv to CGOS, you need to use new zakki's python client.
Also, you have to use "cgos-genmove_analyze" instead of "genmove".

However, KataGo and LeelaZero do not need "cgos-genmove_analyze" implementation.
New client uses "cgos-genmove_analyze", "kata-genmove_analyze"(KataGo) or "lz-genmove_analyze"(LeelaZero) instead of "genmove" if it is available.
KataGo and LeelaZero have these commands.

Other programs use "cgos-genmove_analyze" to send winrate instead of "genmove".

In first example, move is "O15", winrate is 0.135.
And write "play O15" and send two newlines(\n).
You can send more information. In next example, winrate, score pv and ownership are sent.
cgos-genmove_analyze w
play O15

cgos-genmove_analyze b
{"moves":[{"move":"P17","winrate":0.508,"score":-2.6,"pv":"O18 N17 D3"}],"ownership":"y35678961tmifdgkpwxr6575+9+zrkgglgkk1xsB78ge+8xndbPkNeb1yNBBBBBC++pfULKV99rxEBGLSXXU+paO++8+rusDDFGljrU+iNn+88+5kmDDDED99ppVep99++99gDDDFEB908fIk9+E++SdDDDDEB972ocGF+E9HSWCCBCABB9988rHEE9HHYCCCCCDBB9rvcDRMHI5sCCCDDFHIIwhdTkiI756CCCDEGKQdecYVKxl775DBCDFIMQVYXTEZQ3243CCCDEJPRDTPMHCWoy4d+AAAAAQffjBBBB222CX+++++RDgh++U++BCCCE+9++97++5898+87CDDD+9998888778889kQDCC"}
play P17

It is also possible to send multiple moves winrate and score.
Please see the details.

GTP tournament game expansion

How to Run KataGo with winrate on Windows11

Install Python.
    Python Releases for Windows

Run python-3.11.3-amd64.exe, check "Add Python.exe to PATH", click "Install now".

Download zakki's CGOS python client

    right click on start button. "Explorer". select "Download" folder. right-click "". "extract all".

Edit cgos-genmove_analyze\client-python\simple.cfg (You should change ServerUser and ServerPassword.)
    CommandLine = C:\Go\Lizzie\katago\katago gtp -model C:\Go\Lizzie\katanetwork.gz -config C:\Go\Lizzie\katago-gtp10.cfg
    ServerHost =
    ServerPort = 6819
    ServerUser = kata_test1234
    ServerPassword = password

    This example uses Lizzie's KataGo.

Run command-prompt
    "Start" - "All Apps" - "Windows Tool" - "Command Prompt"

In command-prompt,
    c:\Users\yourname> cd Downloads\cgos-genmove_analyze\cgos-genmove_analyze\client-python

Run client
    > python src\ simple.cfg

New CGOS python server with python client

All implementation of new CGOS python server, client and WGo with graph are made by zakki-san. Thank you!