Hiroshi's Computer Shogi and Go
(Since 1997.8.31)


What's New! old news
23/06/26 CgfGoBan 1.11 GUI for Go engine. CGOS, cgos-genmove_analyze.
21/06/06 AobaKomaochi free open-source Shogi handicap Deep reinforcement learning.
19/05/03 AobaZero free open-source AlphaZero project for Shogi. Github.
18/12/18 Natsukaze's selfplay games added 9x9 460,000 games
18/07/13 A sample to connect CGOS.
18/02/09 Aya's selfplay games added 9x9 and 13x13
17/04/05 Aya's selfplay games for training value network
15/11/12 19x19 and 9x9 CGOS is running on my server
15/08/18 samples for UEC Computer Go workshop. go11.c is RAVE sample.
15/03/15 pure MC, UCT search sample. simple Monte-Carlo Go program source code. other sample
12/01/14 YSS bench. Entrance for YSS benchmark.
08/01/13 Aya 6.34. Handicap bug fix.
07/12/05 UEC Cup Photos.
06/10/04 Gifu Challenge 2006 Photos.
06/10/04 11th Computer Olympiad Photos.

Computer Shogi BBS Machine translation. There will be many strange sentences... Please don't complain ^^;).

I have Shogi and Go Programs.
Shogi program name is YSS(Yamashita Shogi System). YSS was world champion at 7th CSA Championship in 1997.
In 2003-05-05 13th CSA Championship, YSS was 2nd. IS Shogi won.
Go program name is Aya. Aya was placed 7th in 19x19 in Computer Olympiad 2003 in Graz, Austria, and 1st in 9x9!